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Live a more balanced life and create a path towards wellbeing

Lesson 4: Emotional

Lesson 10: Application

Our focus on a balanced lifestyle encourages the release of psychological barriers, improvement of physical health, and the alignment of spiritual values. Wellness is not a fixed point in time but rather, is in constant motion like a wheel, anchored by the support of its integral spokes. This wheel is the spectrum of whole health wellbeing.

Lesson 8: Spiritual

How to be assertive and create a foundation for health, happiness, and success.

Lesson 2: Physical

How to reduce anxiety and oversensitivity using this breathing exercise.

Lesson 6:  Recreational

How to make better decisions by learning to respond instead of reacting.

Here's what we'll cover:

How to avoid conflict by properly identifying your feelings and emotions.

10 days to a more balanced life!

How to improve your relationships through effective communication skills.

Lesson 3: Mental

How to let go and relax by allocating time to play.

Lesson 5: Relational

How to create flow and increase clarity by organizing your surroundings.

Lesson 7: Environmental

How to develop empathy and create unity through selfless acts.

Lesson 9: Financial

How to increase your self worth and retain value through accountability.

How to use your Wheel of Wellbeing as a compass for balance and wellbeing.

Lesson 1: Intro

Dr. Sadigh, PsyD, LMFT

Founder & Clinical Driector; Wheel of Wellbeing

I created the Wheel of Wellbeing method as part of my practice with my 1 on 1 clients. I immediately began to see the positive results as my clients sought balance and progressed towards wellbeing. It’s a very practical approach that combines my experiences as a father, husband, and business owner with my education and teachings from my mentors. I decided to take the model and make it digital because I could only help so many people with it in my practice. As an e-course, the model has been opened up to help people achieve balance worldwide. I’m confident it will help you achieve your highest potential as you continue your journey to a balanced and fulfilling life.

About the instructor

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What people are saying.

I was in a state of inaction and had difficulty moving forward. I was ignoring recreational activities and contact with other people. The Wheel of Wellbeing helped be to find my inner child and feel focused again. Now I’m feeling productive and confident in which direction to follow next.

I’ve always been a very anxious person which caused problems in my romantic relationships. After using the wheel approach to balance other areas of my life I noticed my anxiety start to fade away. Now I’m happily married to the love of my life!

Mina H.

Mike E.

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